Monday, June 20, 2005

The First Contact

At the weekend I was there: The Appalachian Trail!

We went hiking in the "Smoky Mountain National Park". From our campsite we climbed up the hills for about one hour and finally sighted the trail in front of us. It runs exactly on the North Carolina/Tennessee border. We walked a few yards on the trail but were forced to return due to severe weather coming up over distant ridges.

I really enjoyed this short hike and I'm looking forward to August when I'm finally able to start my "adventure"! The impressions I received on this two-days trip (way to short) were really something I have missed over the last months. I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy this tour very much!

As to gear I finally made a decision concerning the GPS Receiver. My choice is the "Magellan Meridian Platinum". I should get it end of the week by mail and hope it meets my expectations.

The "Thru Hiker Handbook" is also ordered and should be at my place even sooner. This book is absolutely essential for all further planning concerning my trip. As soon as I receive it, I’ll be able to make precise plans of this trip.

So far,


Friday, June 17, 2005

Gear - An Endless Story

Today I ordered the "Thru-Hiker Handbook". You have to send them a check and they'll (hopefully) send you a book. Normally it should only last up to three days. I expect to get it by next midweek. Then I can finally begin to plan my hike in detail.

About my other gear I didn't come to a decision yet:

  • For the water treatment system I found two products I like very much. But both have their advantages and disadvantages. So it's hard to me to decide, because it's a lot of money.
  • For the GPS I found finally the "Magellan Meridian Platinum" which fulfills all my requirements. I found it "quite" cheap at, but in this price range "cheap" is ironically.
  • The drinking system is not that big deal. I'll buy one from "Platypus" with two or three liter capacity.
  • I'm not sure yet, if I need the rain trousers at all. Perhaps I can find an answer in the guidebook. If I need them, I likely need gaiters, too.
  • At "MEC" I found some nice 1st aid packets, I have to ask some people for assistance, which one is better.

This weekend I'm going to visit the "Great Smoky National Park" with some friends. There I anyway take a look at the AT, to see, what is going to challenge me in two month. Hopefully I can get there some information concerning the hike.

Have a great weekend,


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thoughts about my trip

Slowly my plans for the hike take shape. But there is very much I have to do before I can definitly start in August.
I have to order the "Thru-Hiker Handbook" from Wingfoot (people say it's the best what is on the market) plan my route and buy much equipment.
For my luck the outdoor gear here is very cheap, so I don't have to invest as much money as at home, but it's still a huge list what I need.
  • 1-man tent (optional)
  • GPS
  • water treatment system
  • trinking system
  • rain trousers
  • 1st aid stuff
  • lots of food!

I already got a ride to the starting point, the arrangements for the return are almost done. So this shouldn't cause any problems.

Soon I have to buy some breakfast food at WalMart or FoodLion and make a big test, what could be considerd to supply me with power every morning during the trip due to the lack of Muesli. But there is a big selection and I hope to discover the right thing.

For the rest of the food I have to look, what I can get and what is light enough to be carried all the time on my back.

For drinking I found some instant ice tea, which tastes good and is quite cheap. This should be a good alternativ to the German fizzy tablets.

This time I try to make a kind of lightweight backpacking and not to carry to much needless stuff around with me. This is more or less just because I fear my Achilles Tendon could cause some problems again and I want to do all to avoid this. Nothing is as bad as abort a tour due to physical problems.

I try to get this list done step by step. If there is something new, I let you know!

Take care,


Monday, June 13, 2005

Appalachian Trail

Jasper on the Appalachian Trail!

I want to hike there 20 days in August. This blog will inform you about my plans, my trip and my experiences.

I'll tell you my basic plans here later!

Take care,