Sunday, July 24, 2005

Gear List

This is my preliminary gear list:

Number Gear Manufacturer Name Weight


1 Backpack Lowe Alpine Alpamayo 70+20
1 Rain Bag Bach
1 Tent Salewa Island II
1 Insulation Pad TAR
1 Sleeping Bag Haglöfs Goga 12 X
1 Blanket Lufthansa ;-)
1 Multi-Tool Leatherman Wave
1 Pocket Knife
1 1st Aid Kit Light & Dry LD2
1 Lighter
1 Matches


1 Stove MSR Dragonfly
1 Fuel Bottle MSR Fuel Bottle 1l
1 Pot Set MSR Alpine
1 Cup
1 Silverware MEC
1 Tea Towel
1 Sponge
2 Soap MSR
1 Oil
1 Spices
1 Salt
1 Travel Diary Moleskin Squared Notebook L
1 Guide Dan Bruce Thru-Hikers Handbook


1 Water Bag MSR Dromedar 4l
1 Hydration Platypus Big Zip II 2l
1 Water Treatment MSR Mini Works EX


1 Tooth Brush
1 Toothpaste
1 Towel MSR Packtowel
1 Shaver Gilette Mach 3 Blue
1 Shaving Foam


1 Cellphone Sony Ericcson T68i
1 Cell Charger Sony Ericcson CST-13
1 Camera Kodak Easy Share DX7630
1 Battery Charger Kodak K5000
1 Converter Plug Travelwise


1 Rainwear MEC
1 Trousers Tchibo
1 Trousers MEC
1 T-Shirt Four Season
1 T-Shirt Jack Wolfskin
1 T-Shirt Star Fit Dry-Star
4 Stockings Tchibo Trekking Stockings
4 Slip Four Season
1 Fleece Jacket MEC 200 Fleece
1 Underwear Tchibo
1 Hiking Boots Meindl Borneo
1 Sandals Source

There are some items which will probably fall out of the list due to weight.

Please help me in optimizing my gear list. I know, some of the items are not perfect for this trip but I already have them and I don't want to by a lot of new things.

Take care,