Sunday, July 24, 2005

Food For 21 Days

This is all the food for the AT Hike.

Don't think I went crazy here! I'm not going to carry all that stuff on my back. I'll send at least two parcels to stations on the trail, so I can hike with a quite light pack. There is a little more food then for 21 days but my former experience tells my, that I need much more food after 10 days of a trip then at the beginning.

The backrow of the picture is mostly breakfast stuff. Dry milk, cream wheat, oatmeal and muesli.
As a lunch snack there are the "asia noodles" and the granola and oatmeal bars.
The white bags in the middle are dinner with noodles and rice.
Left are mashed potatos with gravy and at the right are spaghetti with tomato sauce.

So I have a bit of variety, because I'm not going to eat 3 weeks the same stuff.

All in all I paid 75 $, quite a good price for 3 weeks of food.

Next week I'm going to pack the supplies in daily rations and sent two or three parcels to hostels. I hope everything is working out fine!

Good night,