Sunday, August 14, 2005

Breakoff After 4 Days

Everything was different then I thought.

My achilles tendon issue came up again. After 3 and a half day I had to abort my hike. I don't know what was the reason again, but it seems like my backpack was to heavy again. Next time I try not to have 44 lbs but under 35. I already have a plan how I can succeed ...

I didn't also expect the weather to be that rainy and the trail to be that lonely but either didn't cause a big problem. A wet sleeping bag could be dried in a few hours ;-)
Like everytime I had too much food for the first days. A little too much clothes (maybe even for the wrong application), big backpack, leaky pack bag and some useless gear added more weight than neccessary.

Maybe I just have to learn it on the hard way ;-) But now I'm sure, I know what was wrong and what I have to improve.

I'm definitly coming back on this trail! Now I know what I have to expect, also I know the right time to meet many people.

More impressions and pictures are coming the next days!